Four Roads with Shrimp, Chrizo, Short Ribs and Chicken Breast

Mexican Specialities

/February 26, 2016
Mexican Specialities

Mexican Specialities

Red or Green Enchiladas

Topped with salad, cheese and sour cream - 9.00

Guanajuato Style Enchiladas

Topped with carrots, potato salad, queso fresco and sour cream - 10.00

Mole Enchiladas

Topped with diced onions and Mexican cheese - 9.00


Rolled taquitos, topped with salad, cheese and sour cream - 7.00

Chile Relleno Mozzarella

Served with rice - 10.00

Swiss Enchiladas

Topped with green, red or tomato sauce, Topped with melted mozzarella - 9.00

Four Roads

Shrimp, short ribs, chicken breast and chorizo served with rice, beans and soft cactus - 15.00

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